We’re proud to announce that our Edge RCIS Portable Alpha 1 QI Hedge Fund has won the HedgeNews Africa Award in the Fund of Hedge Funds Multi-strategy category at the prestigious HedgeNews Africa Awards 2017, celebrated at a gala dinner at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town on Thursday, February 22nd.

The Edge RCIS Portable Alpha 1 QI Hedge Fund was victorious with a one year return of 14.68% and a Sharpe ratio of 0.62.

The HedgeNews Africa Awards consisted of 38 nominated funds across 14 categories. The awards ultimately went to those funds with the top return, provided their Sharpe ratio was within 25% of the top Sharpe in the category – a method to appraise consistency of returns. The data is verified independently and submitted to HedgeNews Africa.

“The impressive list of contenders for the 2017 HedgeNews Africa Awards has again demonstrated that alternative strategies have an important role to play in investor portfolios. Many funds have delivered strong returns while shielding against downside risks, showing the ability to deliver capital growth and protection,” said Gwyneth Roberts, editor of HedgeNews Africa.

For more on the HedgeNews Africa Awards go to www.hedgenewsafrica.com

For further information on the Edge RCIS Portable Alpha 1 QI Hedge Fund and Edge suite of Funds, please contact the office on +27 21 976 1012 or:
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