We don’t believe that the entire complement of intellectual capital or expertise can exist within any one organisation. In pursuit of our investment goals, Edge selects independent managers who have the skills and ability to provide the building blocks for viable, sustainable and world-class investment solutions.

Edge seeks to partner and invest with managers who exhibit the following traits:

  • FSCA registered as a hedge fund manager
  • Skill-based investment strategies (high alpha)
  • Strategies which are not dependent on market direction (low beta)
  • A proven track record
  • A sophisticated investment approach (employs all tools of modern finance)
  • Boutique teams
  • An alignment of interest (managers invest alongside their clients)

With an understanding of the behavioural characteristics of the various alternative investment styles, we utilise several investment approaches to create a range of client specific solutions that range from stable, low-risk, absolute return funds to hybrid long/short equity and portable alpha funds.