South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women and girls in the world. Women are at risk, and NGOs in Cape Town like the Thuthuzela Care Centres are doing great work to fight against gender-based violence.

A Thuthuzela Care Centre is a designated forensic and medical service available to rape survivors as an emergency service in the 72 hours immediately after a rape. These centres are based at 54 hospitals across South Africa. In Cape Town, there are three Thuthuzela Care Centres situated at Karl Bremmer Hospital, Heideveld Hospital and Victoria Hospital (Forensic Unit).

This year, our staff proudly packed care bags to help “turn victims into survivors”. The Thuthuzela Care Centre at Karl Bremmer Hospital was one of the recipients of the care bags for women and girls in need.

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Thuthuzela Care Centre at Karl Bremmer Hospital